Capture Client Getting Started Guide

Installation via Command Line Interface

IT teams can use their own scripts to install Capture Client on endpoints; SonicWallCapture Client is compatible with this method of provisioning.

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard of the tenant where you want to install clients.
  2. Click on the Windows or macOS or Linux icon to download appropriate client.
  3. To install Capture Client, open the Command Prompt with Run as administrator and run the command:

    • For Windows: C:\> msiexec /quiet /l*v /i "SonicWall Capture Client.<version>.msi" tenantID=<>
    • For macOS: >> sudo installer -pkg "SonicWall Capture Client.<version>.pkg" tenantID=<> -target /

    Where <version> is replaced with the appropriate version number and the tenant ID must be added to the command where indicated. The tenant ID can be found in Management > Tenant Settings.

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