Capture Client Getting Started Guide

Installation via Blocked Page

Blocked page installation is only available on Windows and macOS. A blocked page installation cannot be performed on devices running other operating systems.

A Blocked Page Installation can be enforced when Capture Client is used jointly with one or more network appliances enforcing the policy. A series of conditions must be met before the Blocked Page Installation is triggered:

  • Capture Client enforcement is enabled on the firewall. Refer to Attaching to a SonicOS Firewall for more information
  • The client tries to communicate with an untrusted network zone using a browser via HTTP.
  • The network security appliance has determined that the client system does not have SonicWall Capture Client installed.

If all these conditions are met, the network security appliance redirects the end user to a Blocked Page message that has a link for installing SonicWall Capture Client.

To install the client

  1. Click Install Capture Client on the blocked page.

  1. Click the Download button.
  2. After the installer file is downloaded, click Run to confirm you want to run the setup wizard.
  3. Click Next to run the Capture Client Setup Wizard.
  4. Confirm you want the program to install the client agent on the device. If the installation is successful, a small icon is loaded on your desktop tray and the endpoint dashboard displays.

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