Capture Client Getting Started Guide


Before provisioning your Capture Client subscription, take the time to prepare for your deployment.

  1. Review system requirements

    Capture Client is a comprehensive endpoint security solution that protects Windows, Linux, and macOS devices. It is administered from the SonicWallClient Management Console, a cloud service requiring only a web browser and an internet connection. To get maximum performance and protection, evaluate the detailed system requirements which are outlined in the Capture Client 3.7 Release Notes. The key parameters are:

    • Minimum hardware requirements
    • Supported operating systems
    • Installation notes
  2. Identify interoperability issues

    Some software applications are known to have interoperability issues with Capture Client and SentinelOne. You can work around these issues by creating an exclusion and pushing it to the clients. Refer to Capture Client Inter-Operability With Third Party Applications for more information.

  3. Plan a pilot rollout

    If you have a complex environment, with critical business operations and a diverse set of users, you should execute a pilot rollout, sampling one or two endpoints from various groups. This can help eliminate issues and reduce helpdesk tickets when rolling out to all users. Refer to Best Practices for a Pilot Exercise for more information.

  4. Verify your MSW account

    Access to MySonicWall is required for many of the steps while setting up your Capture Client system. If you do not already have an MySonicWall account follow the steps in How Do I Create a MySonicWall Account? to set one up.

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