Capture Client Getting Started Guide

Launching the Management Console

To launch the Capture Security Center and get access to the Client Management Console, one can navigate to and login with your MySonicWall credentials. Or, you can single-sign on to the console directly from MySonicWall as follows:

  1. Navigate to My Workspace -> Tenant Products.

  1. To edit the subscription you need to manage, click on the tenant serial number from the All Tenants option.
  1. Click on the Licenses tab.

  2. Click Info.
  3. Click on the management link Manage your installation here: Click here, to launch the console in a new tab.

    The landing page is the Dashboard to the tenant where you have activated the subscription.

When logging in to Capture Client for the first time, the Dashboard is the default view. If one of your tenants is selected, you can get a quick summary of the number of infected devices, actives threats and critical issues. You can also see a series of tiles showing the top items in each category. By scrolling down on the Dashboard, you can see a summary of issues by group.

If the account is selected, the Dashboard information is summarized by tenants.

To change to the account/tenant option

  1. Click the drop-down list, next to Capture Client Management, at the top of the page.

  2. Select the account or tenant view that you want.

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