Capture Client Getting Started Guide

Attaching to a SonicOS Firewall

Attaching your Capture Client subscription to a SonicOS firewall allows you to enable the Client Enforcement service on your firewall. Refer to the appropriate SonicOS Administration Guide for more details on how you can use enforcement to ensure compliance of endpoints on your network. With this you can also gain endpoint visibility and telemetry that can be used in policies.

  1. Navigate to My Workspace > Tenant Products.
  2. Edit the Capture Client subscription.
  1. Click on Licenses tab and click the button labeled Sharing.

  1. On the popup window, distribute your license as required among the firewalls that you see.

    Only firewalls registered with the same tenant can be attached to the subscription.

  2. Click Update to complete the attachment and enable the Enforcement Service on the firewall.

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