SonicWall Release Notification - SMA 1000 Series 11.4 OS

First Published:05/05/2016 Last Updated:12/20/2019

We are pleased to announce a new OS release for the entire Secure Mobile Access (SMA) 1000 Series. The new SMA 11.4 OS was released on 04-13-2016 and is available, at no cost, for SMA 1000 appliance customers with an active support contract. Applicable models include; SRA EX6000, SMA 6200, SMA 8200V (Virtual), SRA EX7000, SMA 7200 & SRA EX9000.

All SMA models ensure secure access across all key operating systems and mobile devices, including Windows, iOS, Mac OSX, Android, Kindle Fire, Linux and Chrome OS. These solutions increase mobile and remote-worker productivity, protect data from threats, and integrate with industry-leading mobile management solutions. The result is the most secure end-to-end mobile management and security solution for Bring-Your-Own, Choose-Your-Own and managed devices.

Key functionality updates in the SMA 1000 Series 11.4 OS include:

  • Global Traffic Optimizer (GTO) – provides a turnkey approach to delivering massive global scalability of concurrent geography-balanced users, while continuing to maintain secure access. This allows organizations to better provide business continuity from their secure access service as they face workforce and company expansion to different locations, both within country and globally.
  • Regulatory Compliance – ensures security compliance with the most stringent industry and government regulations, such as the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) and Suite B cipher support.  This is crucial for users in highly regulated organizations (government, financial, health care, etc.) to maintain compliance.
  • Management API – provides customers and third parties access to the SonicWALL SMA API. This enables enhanced workflow, orchestration and automation to improve operational processes for increased productivity and reduced costs.
  • Enhanced Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 support – ensures a positive end-user experience by allowing Single Sign-On (SSO) so users don’t have to sign on separately to each SaaS applications.

Additional noteworthy enhancements recently made to the Dell SonicWALL SMA Series include:

  • Centralized Management System (CMS) - provides overarching SMA management and monitoring, as well as dynamic allocation of licenses to nodes that display the need, reducing TCO and producing better business continuity
  • HTML5 Clients and Proxies - allows users to run all applications within a single browser window, making connections to resources easy, including zero-day support
  • Personal Device Authorization - protects users’ right to control their personal data on their own personal devices when used in corporate networks

To learn more, please refer to the SMA 11.4 OS Release Notes page and the Dell SonicWALL Secure Mobile Access product home page. To download SMA 11.4 OS, log into your account.

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