Notice: Tech Scam Regarding Entities Posing as Authorized SonicWall Partners

First Published:08/17/2017 Last Updated:12/20/2019

SonicWall has received notification of a tech scam that involves entities posing as authorized SonicWall partners, often to gain access to the systems or computers of individual consumers and small businesses.

SonicWall has confirmed that these parties are not authorized SonicWall distributors or partners, and that they are using non-standard approaches like requesting access to an end user’s computer, asking end users download files onto their device or demand sensitive personal or financial information.

SonicWall sells its network security solutions to business and organizational customers through a network of authorized distributors and partners. SonicWall will never contact individual consumers directly to request personal or sensitive information or access to a network, computer or other device.

To follow best practices, please take these important precautions:

  • Do not grant suspicious, unknown or unauthorized individuals or entities physical or remote access to your computer or network.
  • Do not download unknown or suspicious files from any source, particularly applications that grant remote access to your computer or network.
  • Do not visit unknown or suspicious websites, particularly if directed by an unknown source.
  • Do not divulge sensitive or personal information that may be leveraged to compromise your credentials.
  • Do check the SonicWall Support Portal for alerts if you have concerns about individuals or entities posing as SonicWall representatives.

 We are working closely with authorities to provide information to stop this fraudulent use of the SonicWall brand to carry out illegal or unauthorized activities.

If you believe you have been contacted by an unauthorized partner or received a suspicious offer claiming to represent SonicWall, its product or services, please contact us immediately at