High Severity Bug Alert - GMS 8.2 - DO NOT MODIFY ADDRESS OBJECTS

First Published:12/09/2016 Last Updated:12/20/2019

High Severity Bug Alert - GMS 8.2 - DO NOT MODIFY ADDRESS OBJECTS

SonicWall Support would like to inform you of a problem with a specific feature in GMS 8.2:  Modifying the Name of an Address Object.  There is a workaround available and a hotfix will be available the week of December 12, 2016. 


Modifying the name of a firewall(s) Address Object through the GMS 8.2 Policy Panel will trigger the firewall to go offline and lose LAN/WAN access.  A hard restart in Safe Mode is required to recover the firewall. 


Please notify any GMS 8.2 users that they should not Modify the name of any Address Objects using the GMS Policy Panel.  Instead, the Address Object name may be modified directly in the firewall UI and the change will automatically sync back to GMS.  Customers may open a Support Request to address questions or undue hardships with this workaround.


SonicWall has coded a hotfix that fixes the problem.  This hotfix is undergoing expedited regression testing to ensure that there are no unintended side effects.  An emergency release will be done to webpost this hotfix along with a Release Note on MySonicWALL.com.  We will send a notification of this hotfix once available.


·         Only modifying the name of the address object causes the problem.  Modifying other address object attributes does not cause the problem. 

·         Creating or Deleting an Address Object in GMS 8.2 also does not trigger the issue. 

·         Once Hotfix 179952 is applied to GMS 8.2, GMS may once again be used to Modify the name of Address Objects. 

·         GMS 8.1 and earlier do not have the problem. 

·         Analyzer also does not have the issue.

We sincerely apologize for the problem and we are taking steps to avoid such inconveniences in the future.