Capture Security Center (Europe) Upgrade - Planned Maintenance

First Published:05/14/2019 Last Updated:03/26/2020

05/17/2019 05:00PM UTC - 05/19/2019 05:00PM UTC

Please be aware that CSC-Management, Reporting and Analytics services for the Europe region will be upgraded to v1.5 from May 17th, 10 am to May 19th, 10am (PST). During this time, the services will experience downtime. Your firewall will remain active and you can log-in to the firewall web GUI to access it. Please contact SonicWall support for any assistance. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.
Note: During downtime, you can continue to manage firewalls by logging in to them directly. Please ensure that you have firewall login credentials saved especially for those acquired by Zero Touch.