Understanding the UK Cybersecurity Landscape in Healthcare

Given the wealth of sensitive information it holds and the role it plays as a cornerstone of key infrastructure, protecting the NHS has always been a top priority. In the digital space, this has meant robust, effective cybersecurity solutions and practices had to be implemented, and to a most basic degree those have been overwhelmingly effective. Across the health service, hundreds of thousands of cyber threats are identified, circumnavigated, or effectively blocked each year. However, in recent years, several high profile cyberattacks on healthcare institutions have put the matter squarely in the public’s attention and cybersecurity has moved from a necessary additional step to a prescient point of focus for NHS organisations.

So, if further investment and steps are needed, how does the NHS go about deciding what needs further attention in their cyber arsenal? Speaking with James Musk, Director of Public Sector (UK) at SonicWall, the team at National Health Executive investigate further the challenges of digitally securing healthcare organisations and data.