Planning for the Permanently Distributed Workforce

The federal government’s emergency pivot to telework in 2020 was impressive in both speed and scale but often relied heavily on stopgap solutions.  Having proven that remote work can work, many agencies are now moving to restructure for the long haul and address security and usability compromises that were made in a crisis.

  • What happens when on-prem and teleworking team members must share systems not designed for hybrid collaboration?
  • How can access control be improved – and attack surfaces minimized – when neither workers nor workloads are limited to agency-operated networks?
  • Where can the technical debt and real-dollar expenses incurred as part of pandemic response be drawn down - and are these changes simply part of the “new normal” to be budgeted for going forward?

Presenter: Troy Schneider, Editor-in-Chief, FCW & GCN