SonicWall Cloud App Security for Office 365

This solution brief examines how SonicWall Cloud App Security (CAS) provides complete, defense-in-depth security for Office 365, whether cloud email, OneDrive, or the full suite. If your organization is making the transition from on-premise applications to the cloud, CAS offers the best way to ensure seamless security.

CAS connects to your Office 365 environment via API and scans for threats after your existing security but before the inbox. It is laser-focused on advanced attacks while also filtering out spam and greymail. It deploys instantly with the only one-click, cloud-enabled platform with no need for a proxy, appliance, or endpoint agent.

Among the considerations for cloud email security:

  • In-line threat protection.
  • Scans for all emails.
  • Policy-based configuration.
  • Machine-learning for anti-phishing.
  • Anti-spoofing, protections for brand and user impersonation.
  • Business email compromise detection.
  • And more.

Other advanced features include blocking malicious URLs before they are delivered to the user's inbox.  CAS can disarm the URL, making it non-clickable, and replace the URL with a warning ("embedded URL removed for security reasons") while redirecting the link to the inspection service for time-of-click analysis protection.

CAS also blocks malicious attachments from reaching users' inboxes.

SonicWall Cloud App Security provides advanced protection for Office 365. Protect your users and data within cloud applications, including email, messaging, file sharing, and file storage. For organizations adopting SaaS applications, SonicWall Cloud App Security delivers best-in-class security and a seamless user experience. This solutions brief shows you how you can embrace cloud applications and still maintain a boundless cybersecurity profile.