Best Practices for Global Endpoint Security Operations For MSSPs and Distributed Enterprises

This solution brief examines the concerns, considerations, and guidelines for managing a multi-tenant environment in today’s cybersecurity environment. Distributed enterprises and managed security service providers must address a host of complex issues in today’s cybersecurity environment. This brief explores the significant challenges they face in protecting distributed networks at the endpoint.

The management and security of endpoints are increasingly critical for today’s global enterprises and managed security service providers (MSSPs). The growth of ransomware and the persistent use of credential theft have made endpoints the battleground of today’s threat landscape. With the proliferation of mobility and BYOD, global operations also struggle with the visibility and management of their security posture. Yet global operations face greater-than-ever challenges in protecting their endpoint devices.

Endpoint security products have been on the market for years. However, there is a continuous struggle with:

  • End users are working both in and out of the network with their devices.
  • Encrypted threats are reaching endpoints unchecked.
  • Knowing if endpoint security products up to date or what versions are installed.
  • Creating and enforcing policies and compliance on a global scale.
  • Getting reports from specific environments as well as across all environments.
  • Understanding and managing alerts and remediation steps.
  • Visibility into the scale of unpatched vulnerabilities.
  • Remediating any issues on endpoints that impact operational costs and detracts time from other customers.

These challenges are only exacerbated when one must manage multiple tenants, either within a single organization or for numerous customers. This often requires different policies and configurations based on the user group, device, and location.

The document further lays out detailed best-practice steps in evaluating risk and recommended feature sets for a comprehensive and scalable endpoint solution approach. Managing endpoint security in MSSPs and global enterprise operations is a daunting task, requiring a comprehensive best-practice approach. Fortunately, for each challenge, there are suitable security technologies available to help. SonicWall endpoint solutions, including Capture Client, provide practical tools to implement endpoint security for global enterprise operations.