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Are Your Branch Sites an Open Door to Cyberattacks?

Join SonicWall Product Marketing Manager Srudi Dineshan as she explains why traditional methods of deploying and maintaining security at branch sites have become untenable—and what can be done about it, including:
  • Why SD-Branch is critical
  • How to deploy an SD-Branch solution
  • What SonicWall Secure SD-Branch is—and how it can safeguard branches of all types and sizes.
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Why Microsoft ATP Isn’t Enough

Join SonicWall Solutions Architect John Phil as he explores:
  • Microsoft ATP's effectiveness against phishing in real-world scenarios
  • Why Office 365 is uniquely susceptible to targeted phishing attacks
  • How to better protect your organization against modern-day phishing attacks.
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You Can’t Stop What You Can’t See

Join SonicWall cybersecurity expert Brook Chelmo as he explores:
  • The volume of application vulnerabilities
  • How to find critical vulnerabilities in your organization
  • Endpoint security’s role in identifying and tracking them
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Cybercriminals’ “New Business Normal”

Join SonicWall’s Brook Chelmo as he discusses the ways the pandemic affected cybercrime — shifting, increasing, decreasing and upending long-standing patterns.
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Fund Secure Remote Learning for
K-12 with CARES

Watch this webcast to learn which grants to apply for, how to apply for CARES, GEERS, ESSER grants, and more.
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Your Inbox Is For Sale: How Attackers Are Monetizing Your Email on the Dark Web

Join SonicWall’s Ken Dang as he explores the sophisticated tools one advanced persistent threat organization uses to exploit vulnerabilities and bypass Microsoft Security — and reveal what it takes to keep them out of your inbox.
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Staying operational during an outbreak … without compromising security

Listen to a conversation with SonicWall V.P. Platform Architecture, Dmitriy Ayrapetov and IDG Sr. Strategist, Jim Malone as they discuss steps to optimize and modernize your organization’s security strategy.
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Mitigating Security Risk in the New Normal

Video Meet Up hosted by Spiceworks - SonicWall experts Dmitriy Ayrapetov & Shannon Emmons discuss the most important things you should re-examine as you prepare for cyberattacks in the New Normal.
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Mindhunter: Confessions of a Ransomware Developer

Get an inside look at the human side of a modern ransomware cell, as well as advice on how to stop them from infiltrating your organization and bringing your operations to a standstill.
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The Strategic Imperative for Boundless Cybersecurity

SonicWall expert Brook Chelmo discusses how executives, decision-makers and administrators can finally bridge the cybersecurity business gap.
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How to Cross-Shop Today’s Modern Firewalls

Organizations face tough choices when evaluating security vendor claims about their next-generation firewall (NGFW) offerings.
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How to Stay Operational During an Outbreak

Protect your Remote and Work-from-Home employees during a global health crisis.
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