只要看看人们当初在针对新冠肺炎 (COVID-19) 的居家避疫令发布之前在办公室以外工作的频率如何,我们就能了解当限制解除后人们可能会怎样工作。这幅信息图详细描述了人们在何处工作、在这些场所可能会遇到什么危险,以及 Capture Client 如何保护他们。



INFOGRAPHIC: 2020 年 SonicWall 网络威胁报告

下载独家信息图、其中突出显示了 2020 年 SonicWall 网络威胁报告的发现。 这一令人信服的部分有助于直观显示塑造 2019 年的威胁趋势.

Infographic: SonicWall Analytics

Actionable insight and knowledge, including:

  • Data aggregation

  • Data contextualization

  • Stream analytics

  • User analytics

  • Dynamic visualization

  • Detection & Remediation


Infographic: Looming Wireless Threats

WiFi is no longer a luxury, but a necessity

  • 75% of those asked say that one week without WiFi would leave them grumpier than one week without coffee1
  • More than 20 billion WiFi chipsets are expected to ship between 2016 and 20212
  • Hardware spending on connected devices will reach almost $3 trillion by 20203
  • In North America, an average person will have 13 connected devices by 20214

Infographic: SonicWall Takes on the Latest Cyberattacks to Protect Your Network

Encryption technology, such as SSL/TLS and HTTPS, offers protection against hacking, and its use is growing exponentially. But cybercriminals have learned to leverage encryption as an effective method to hide malware, ransomware, spear-phishing, zero-day, data exfiltration, rogue sites and other attacks.

Fortunately, advanced network security with deep packet inspection of SSL/TLS and HTTPS traffic is now available to protect against encrypted threats. Learn how SonicWall DPI-SSL can responsibly decryption TLS/SSL traffic and mitigate encrypted attacks, including ransomware and other zero-day attacks.