Executive Brief: 6 Ways Your Advanced Threat Detection Can Fail

This executive brief explores what you need to know to stay ahead of advanced persistent threats (APTs). Get this brief today to learn what your business needs to prevent cybercriminals, hackers and malware from invading your network. Take a look at an effective technique that integrates layers of sandbox engines to detect and prevent zero-day threats and how to stop emerging attacks at the gateway.In this paper, you'll see how you can:
  • Detect and block unknown threats
  • Analyze suspicious files and stop them outside the gateway
  • Achieve comprehensive, layered protection
  • Reduce costs and complexity

Infographic: How often do people work away from the office?

If we look at how often people worked away from the office before shelter in place orders came into place due to COVID-19, we can see how people may work when restrictions are lifted. This infographic details where people work, what dangers they may encounter in these locations, and how Capture Client protects them.
Case Study

South African Elementary School Safeguards Web Usage With SonicWall

Warner Beach Preparatory School simplifies management while protecting children and staff.
On Demand Webcast

Your Inbox Is For Sale: How Attackers Are Monetizing Your Email on the Dark Web

Join SonicWall’s Ken Dang as he explores the sophisticated tools one advanced persistent threat organization uses to exploit vulnerabilities and bypass Microsoft Security — and reveal what it takes to keep them out of your inbox.
Case Study

Capture Client 3.0 Gives MSSPs A Critical Advantage

Western NRG, a provider of Wide Area Networking solutions to customers all across North America, tested and reviewed Capture Client 3.0

SonicWall NetExtender Technology

Deliver seamless, secure network layer access from anywhere.
Case Study

Wild Horses 4×4

“Great software. We use Capture Client for all end users. Capture Client has detected many threats and blocked them. It has been great for us.”
Case Study

Lawrence County Department of Public Safety

“Capture Client is a very comprehensive security system with complete coverage of protection. With approximately 400 users, it makes it simple to detect issues.”
Case Study

Stratton Seed

“We block any devices that don’t have Capture Client installed from logging onto the network. Knowing our network is protected from malware and viruses gives me peace of mind.”
Case Study

Jim Newell & Assoc.

“Powerful simplicity – Capture Client just works, and the support is fabulous!”
Case Study

Garner Contract Management

“SonicWall SMA made it easy to expand work-from-home capacity. My organization uses it to allow employees remote access to their corporate workstations from anywhere at any time. During the COVID-19 restrictions, this proved invaluable to our organization, as we were able to scale up the number of remote users very quickly and cost-effectively.”
Case Study

Logical Business Systems

“We have used SonicWall SMA devices for many years. Several larger clients already had SMA devices, so our ramp-up to get a lot of folks working from home was straightforward. Appreciated the new SMA 400/SMA 500v TOTP MFA options so we would move away from SMS.”
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