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Cybercriminals’ “New Business Normal”

Join SonicWall’s Brook Chelmo as he discusses the ways the pandemic affected cybercrime — shifting, increasing, decreasing and upending long-standing patterns.
Case Study

Lekker Food Distributors

“We use Cloud App Security as an added security layer for Microsoft 365 email. It’s easy to configure and catches threats that Microsoft 365 does not.”
Case Study

Kingsway High School Increases Protection And Productivity With SonicWall

Durban-based school looks to SonicWall for advanced threat protection, ease-of-management and bandwidth prioritization.
Case Study

Leading Healthcare Provider in the Middle East Builds Complete Cybersecurity Platform With SonicWall

MAGRABI Hospitals & Centers deploys SonicWall suite to improve threat detection & remote access.
Case Study

PCES Corp.

“We use SonicWall Cloud App Security in addition to O365 Email Security to ensure that as much spam and phishing as possible will be caught before getting to the end user. No system is 100%, but this one is pretty close.”
On Demand Webcast

Fund Secure Remote Learning for K-12 with CARES

Watch this webcast to learn which grants to apply for, how to apply for CARES, GEERS, ESSER grants, and more.

Datasheet: Capture Security Center

Be more aware. A holistic integrated solution for total security management.

Solution brief: Understanding Encrypted Threats

How cyber criminals hide attacks on your network using SSL/TLS.

Solution brief: Securing IT Ecosystems for Higher Education

Higher education and information technology are inseparable. Today's complex higher education IT ecosystem requires unified network security.

Infographic: 2020 SonicWall Mid-year Cyber Threat Report

It’s a “new business normal” for cybercriminals, too. Download the infographic for a quick look at who they’re targeting, what sorts of attacks they’re launching and what your odds are of being next.

Executive brief: Stopping Ransomware With Advanced Threat Detection Capabilities

The challenges of targeted attacks and zero-day threats make the addition of sandboxing critical to an effective security posture.Read this executive brief to understand:
  • The real challenge of today's threats
  • What it takes to keep malicious code out of your network
  • Why signatures and heuristics alone aren't good enough
  • The effectiveness of sandboxes

Datasheet: Customer Loyalty Program

Straightforward upgrades and competitive trade-ins for current and new SonicWall customers.
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