Introducing SonicOS 7

Scale faster, protect more and re-gain control.
The new SonicOS 7 architecture is SonicWall’s most advanced security operating system and is at the core of our latest physical and virtual firewalls, including models from the TZ, NSv and NSsp Series.

What's New in SonicOS 7

  • Advanced Protection Against Encrypted Threats

    TLS 1.3 decryption detects threats hiding in encrypted traffic without sacrificing performance.

  • Simplified Integrations

    New Rest APIS allow SonicWall firewalls to be integrated with other security solutions, including hybrid policy orchestrators, SIEM, RMM, NAC, SOAR and more.

  • Multi-instance Support

    SonicOS 7’s multi-instance support for enterpise firewalls allows multiple independent firewall instances to run on the same hardware, achieving multi-tenancy and maximizing operational simplicity.

  • Easy, Zero-Touch Deployment

    The new SonicExpress Mobile App offers true zero-touch deployment, eliminating truck rolls, saving money, and easing the deployment of golden configs at branch locations.

Simplify Oversight with a Modern User Interface

SonicOS 7's modern and intuitive user interface features intelligent device dashboards, redesigned topologies, and simplified policy creation and management.

Network and threat dashboards provide a top-level summary of the overall health of the appliance and threat insights based on what the firewall sees in your network.

To reduce user’s cognitive load, SonicOS 7 features rule visualization that offers quick and intuitive insights into the type of traffic the rule is for, what it does from a security inspection perspective, and what traffic is hitting it. The newly designed security rules interface also enables inline edits, as well as other capabilities for greater ease of use.

Adding, removing or changing rules can result in misconfigurations that expose networks, data and users to attackers. SonicOS 7 includes new features such as visibility in custom rules and hit counts, shadow rule detection and rule optimization to eliminate misconfigurations. With its focus on improved usability, SonicOS 7 makes it easier than ever to keep the security rule base tidy and manageable.

SonicOS 7 provides a topology view of your firewall and the endpoints behind it — including dashboards that detail the traffic passing through your firewalls, who is responsible for it, and what threats it contains. The new SonicOS Notification Center displays actionable alerts, allowing administrators to take immediate action on firewall-related events. And a new Capture Threat Assessment Report provides executive-level, summarized insights into traffic, risky applications, and a variety of malware and other threats.

“With the re-developed SonicOS 7, the speed of the interface feels like working on a powerful computer. It’s smooth and sleek and allows for a more granular dissection of what the firewall is doing. Paired with the new NSM Network Security Manager, where the interfaces are practically identical, it is a GUI match made in heaven.”


SonicOSX 7 for Enterprise Firewalls

Featuring new Unified Security Policy capabilities, SonicOSX 7 simplifies complex policy, audit and management controls with firmware designed for large-scale enterprises and government agencies. Get powerful threat protection and gain visibility across distributed and hybrid networks.

SonicOS Documentation

SonicOS Datasheets

Learn product details such as features and benefits, as well as hardware and software specifications.

SonicOS Release Notes

Ready to upgrade your SonicOS version? First, review the release notes for information about added features, addressed issues, known issues and upgrade paths.

SonicOS Upgrade Guide

Use our upgrade guides for information relevant to upgrading SonicOS and related software. Understand supported upgrade paths and compatibility.

SonicOS Admin Guide

Our Admin guides provide the information you need to successfully activate, configure and administer SonicOS for SonicWall Security appliances.

Compatibility Matrix

The below table shows the SonicOS releases supported for each SonicWall Firewall model.

Hardware Firewalls
SOHO Series
TZ Series Firewalls
TZ300, TZ300P, TZ300W, TZ350, TZ350W, TZ400, TZ400W, TZ500, TZ500W, TZ600, TZ600P
TZ Series Firewalls
TZ270, TZ270W, TZ370, TZ370W, TZ470, TZ470W, TZ570, TZ570W, TZ670
NSa Series
NSA 2600, NSA 3600, NSA 4600, NSA 5600, NSA 6600, NSa 2650, NSa 3650, NSa 4650, NSa 5650, NSa 6650, NSa 9250, NSa 9450, NSa 9650
NSa Series
NSa 2700, NSa 3700, NSa 4700, NSa 6700
SuperMassive Series
SM 9200, SM 9400, SM 9600, SM 9800
NSsp Series
NSsp 12400, NSsp 12800
NSsp Series
NSsp 13700
NSsp Series
NSsp 15700
Virtual Firewalls
NSv Series
NSv 10, NSv 25, NSv 50, NSv 100, NSv 200, NSv300, NSv 400, NSv 800, NSv 1600
NSv Series
NSv 270, NSv 470, NSv 870

Information listed in the table above reflects SonicWall’s latest SonicOS firmware releases. If your security appliance is running an older firmware version, please check our Product Life Cycle Tables for recommended upgrades and latest releases for your firewall.

Product Life Cycle Tables

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