SonicWall Analytics is a high-performance management and reporting engine for your network. Maintain a safe and productive user experience without substantial increases in operational costs.

A Window Into Network Analytics: Users, Applications, Devices and More

You and your IT teams need real-time, actionable network analytics to stay ahead of everything that goes on — everywhere in your network. SonicWall Analytics provides a robust and scalable analytics engine that enriches massive raw data from as many next-generation firewall nodes as you need. Every aspect of your network — user activities, active applications, connected devices, network performance, critical alerts — is presented on an interactive, real-time executive dashboard. SonicWall Analytics is also cloud-native for scalability, providing cloud-agile resources to meet the most demanding enterprise requirements.

Smarter Data. Faster Decisions.

Push Your Network Data Into the Light.

SonicWall Analytics increases the context and usefulness of network data and breaks down firewall data into actionable information.

Network Security Manager dashboard screenshot.

  • Aggregate Data from firewalls produces a valuable resource that tells us a great deal about user network activities, active applications, connected devices and more. This is your top-down view of the entire system, from core devices and services to endpoints.
  • Contextual Data enriches aggregate data for analytical insights that empowers stakeholders (CIO, SOC, NOC) with single-pane visibility for vital data points.
  • Stream Analytics help create additional knowledge from network data. Monitor results with greater clarity, certainty, and speed.
  • User Analytics tells us everything we need to know about user activities and utilization. Perform deep drill-down investigations and forensic analysis into saved historical data.
  • Dynamic Visuals operationalizes your data into comprehensive and consumable on-screen reporting. Data is more meaningful, and real-time visual alerts stand out for immediate action.
  • Detection and Remediation help calibrate data to align with security policies and risk-mitigation controls. Expose risks, intervene earlier, triage threats and respond to unsafe or suspicious behaviors.

Ensure Complete Security Transparency

SonicWall Analytics gives your SOC/NOCs the visual insight and reporting tools needed to quickly investigate specific situations to uncover risks across all endpoints, applications and users.

Executive Dashboard

Business owners and security pros get immediate security insights from an executive dashboard containing a wealth of practical and actionable security information gathered across your entire managed firewall ecosystem. See and understand vital security events and activities across networks, users, applications, and devices with a single-pane user experience.

Real-time visualization and rapid detection

Have real-time visibility with rapid threat detection, enabling security analysts to hunt, identify and investigate issues and incident responders to swiftly manage and remediate risks with measured actions.

Firewall threat report dashboard screenshot.
Firewall efficiency reports screenshot.

Drive Efficiency & Response with Optimized Reports

Optimized reports enhance analyst efficiency to conduct drill-down risk analysis and generate compliance audits.

User Productivity Reports

Provide insights into your organization's internet resource utilizations. The reports generate time-specific snapshots and allow data drilldowns to analyze user internet access behavior such as all websites visited, when accessed, frequency, total duration time and whether these activities happened during office or non-office hours.

Custom Reporting

Custom-build reports using a variety of values and metrics chosen from an extensive library of firewall data types, allowing users to extract valuable insights across selected device groups or tenants. The customization process helps declutter data funnels, giving decision-makers and responders clearer visibility and actionable intel from smaller but more quality data sets for traffic analysis and security gaps and anomalies discovery. Users can zoom to the right analytics, make informed decisions, and take timely policy actions based on reliable data.

Solid solutions and easy install, and when helped is needed the support team are fantastic.”

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