SonicWall Trademarks

This is a partial list of trademarks owned by SonicWall Inc., its affiliates and/or its subsidiaries. Omission from this list does not constitute a waiver of any rights that SonicWall, its affiliates or subsidiaries may have established in product, feature, term or design.

SonicWall’s trademarks should be marked with the ” ® ” symbol and be accompanied by the attribution statement: “XYZ is a trademark of SonicWall Inc.”

All trademarks should only be used as adjectives and never as nouns. Use of any SonicWall trademarks, including the SonicWall logo, may not be used without prior, written permission from SonicWall. Third-party usage of the SonicWall logo is limited to authorized users and only in accordance with SonicWall Logo guidelines provided under the authorization.

Any questions concerning the use of these trademarks or any other SonicWall names, marks or logos should be directed to the Legal Department.

Participants in the SonicWall SecureFirst Partner Program should follow the terms of the license provided as part of such program.

  • Aventail
  • Real Time Deep Memory Inspection (Pending)
  • ReAssembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection
  • RTDMI (Pending)
  • SonicWall
  • SonicWall GMS
  • SonicWall Real Time Deep Memory Inspection (Pending)
  • SonicWall Viewpoint
  • SuperMassive