Executive Brief: Why Secure Mobile Access is a strategic business imperative

Mobile access ensures your business keeps productive in a disruptive, dynamic world.

Datasheet: SonicWall Secure Mobile Access (SMA)

Secure anywhere, anytime access to corporate resources across multi-cloud environments based on user and device identity, location and trust.

SonicWall Mobile Connect

Simple, identity-based and policy-enforced secure access to company resources, applications and data for iOS, MacOS, Android, Chrome OS, Kindle Fire and Windows 10 devices.

Datasheet: Central Management Server (CMS) for SMA

Powerful virtual machine for appliance management, resilience and reporting.

Datasheet: WiFi Cloud Manager

Scalable, secure cloud-management solution.
Case Study

Crestline Sanitation District

Deployment of SonicWall Secure Mobile Access has helped the district:
  • Improve productivity by 51-75%
  • Enhance the efficiency of managing a globally distributed secure access infrastructure
  • Simplify access control and gained single-pane-of-glass visibility
  • Increase end-user productivity
  • Meet regulatory compliance standards

Solution Brief: Best practices for secure mobile access

Stay operational regardless of what tomorrow's headlines may bring.
Case Study

South East Aerospace

The company’s Network Administrator shares how SonicWall SMA has:
  • Improved end-user productivity
  • Improved protection of critical information
On Demand Webcast

Inside Cybercriminal Inc.: Unravel the Threat Behaviors that Shaped 2019

Go inside real-world cyber threat intelligence with SonicWall Capture Labs. This on-demand webinar will help you better understand how cybercriminals think — and be fully prepared for what they’ll do next.

Executive Brief: The Dark Side of Encryption – Decrypt Traffic to Stop Hidden Threats

Read this executive brief to discover why standard encryption may be a Trojan horse into your vulnerable network.


Stopping New and Emerging Threats at a Distributed Enterprise.

What’s different about SonicWall? Let us show you.

SonicWall CEO Bill Conner explains what's different about SonicWall. We look forward to reconnecting with you about how we can smartly safeguard your networks, data, customers and brand.
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