Moving IT infrastructure to public clouds offer huge advantages in terms of agility and cost effectiveness — but in many cases, securing those cloud assets can cause slowdowns, bottlenecks and more. Is there a way to safeguard public clouds without sacrificing performance?

Join Tolly Group CEO Kevin Tolly; Keysight Technologies Senior Product Mgr. Amritam Putatunda; and SonicWall Dir. of Product Marketing Ajay Uggirala as they explore:
• Which firewall services can secure the public cloud
• The best way to deploy and test a firewall in a public cloud infrastructure
• What sort of performance you can expect from your SonicWall NGFW in AWS cloud, as validated by experts at Keysight and Tolly Group

This webinar is for current SonicWall Partners only.

Join Kelvin Peters who will be going over Sonicwall’s Wireless Network Manager and will cover a basic switch and access point setup.

This webinar is for current SonicWall Partners only.

Everyone has experienced the pain associated with the global supply-chain challenge. Waiting for a car or a new refrigerator, most likely isn’t anything other than an inconvenience and frustration. But when it comes to securing your network, your customers’ data and your company’s proprietary information, not to mention your brand – supply-chain challenges are serious. Ransomware is at an all-time high, attack surfaces are widening, working remotely has changed the cybersecurity landscape, and you really ought to have upgraded your security posture yesterday. To compound the situation, technology and cybersecurity vendors you rely on to protect your network, won’t be in stock for several months. Now what?

The outlook for SonicWall customers, however, is quite different. Products and solutions are in stock, now, when they’re needed, and time from order to receipt is a small fraction of what’s being estimated with other vendors. Join us for this webinar to learn more about:

  • How SonicWall has managed supply-chain during this global unrest
  • What products you can rely on SonicWall to provide – now!
  • Observations and predictions for manufacturing, shipping and overall supply chain
  • How SonicWall fulfills 95% of orders in the last 18 months, within just three days
  • How Matt plans to re-grow all his hair in the next 18 months!

In this webinar, Tim will cover how to setup and configure DPI-SSL on a SonicWall SonicOS7 Firewall. Tim will explore how the technology works and go over some of the challenges that come with the decryption and inspection of SSL/TLS traffic with DPI-SSL.

Participe de nossas sessões exclusivas para parceiros SonicWall SecureFirst. Durante 30 minutos nossos especialistas irão falar sobre produtos e tendências, e tirarão as suas dúvidas sobre os temas. Esperamos por você!

Thank you for choosing SonicWall, we are delighted to have you as part of the SonicWall family. Join our channel account management team as they bring you through everything SonicWall and our partner program has to offer including our product portfolio, partner discounts and more. The webinar will cover:​

  • Company Overview​
  • Boundless Cybersecurity​
  • SecureFirst Partner Program​
  • Pricing and Licensing​
  • MySonicWall Asset Management​
  • Support​
  • SecureFirst Partner Portal​
  • SonicWall University​

This webinar is targeted at new SonicWall partners and new employees in existing partners and distributors.