Moving IT infrastructure to public clouds offer huge advantages in terms of agility and cost effectiveness — but in many cases, securing those cloud assets can cause slowdowns, bottlenecks and more. Is there a way to safeguard public clouds without sacrificing performance?

Join Tolly Group CEO Kevin Tolly; Keysight Technologies Senior Product Mgr. Amritam Putatunda; and SonicWall Dir. of Product Marketing Ajay Uggirala as they explore:
• Which firewall services can secure the public cloud
• The best way to deploy and test a firewall in a public cloud infrastructure
• What sort of performance you can expect from your SonicWall NGFW in AWS cloud, as validated by experts at Keysight and Tolly Group

Come join us for a breakfast event where the customers will get the opportunity to learn more about SonicWall and its lineup of products. We look forward to seeing you there*.
*invite-only event

SonicWall’s 2022 Full Line Review – Best In Class Security from Cloud to Endpoint

Join your PacNW SonicWall team and see what we have been up to, review our full suite of products and ask any questions of your team.

  • Complete Gen7 Firewall Lineup
  • Capture Client New Features & Enhancements
  • New Wi-Fi 6 Wireless Access Points

IoT is not new, but did you know that it is the fastest-growing area of vulnerability today?
Join Security Expert Anurag Som for episode #2 of our MINDHUNTER series on February 18 to understand the threat and the simple mechanisms that can be put in place to protect your organization. Don’t let it grow out of control!

Join SonicWall Cybersecurity expert & Senior Solutions architect, Muhammed Jihad, as he explores the risks of not inspecting encrypted traffic — such as security holes, ransomware, and compliance issues – and what your network needs to do to gain visibility into this growing attack vector.