SonicOS 5.9 Admin Guide

WAN Acceleration

Using WAN Acceleration

WAN Acceleration Overview

The WAN Acceleration service allows you to accelerate WAN traffic between a central site and a branch site by using Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), Windows File Sharing (WFS), and a Web Cache. The SonicWALL WXA series appliance is deployed in conjunction with a SonicWALL NSA/TZ series appliance. In this type of deployment, the NSA/TZ series appliance provides dynamic security services, such as attack prevention, Virtual Private Network (VPN), routing, and Web Content Filtering. The WAN Acceleration service can increase application performance.

For detailed information about the WAN Acceleration service and configuration procedures, please refer to the SonicWALL WXA Administration Guide for SonicOS 5.8/5.9/6.1.

WAN Acceleration > Status

The WAN Acceleration > Status page provides a dashboard view of the System Information, TCP Acceleration, WFS Acceleration, and Web Cache of your SonicWALL WXA series appliance.

WAN Acceleration > TCP Acceleration

The WAN Acceleration > TCP Acceleration page provides options to configure and monitor the TCP Acceleration service.

The TCP Acceleration service is a process that decreases the amount of data passing over the WAN by using compression, which accelerates selected traffic passing between a central site and a branch site. The selected traffic is stored in the SonicWALL WXA series appliances’ shared databases as blocks of data and tagged with reference indexes. This allows the WXA series appliances to only send the reference indexes (which are smaller in size) over the WAN instead of the actual data

WAN Acceleration > WFS Acceleration

The WAN Acceleration > WFS Acceleration page provides options to configure and monitor the WFS Acceleration service.

The WFS Acceleration service can be configured to use Unsigned and/or Signed SMB. Unsigned SMB is used for networks that do not require traffic signing. Signed SMB is used for networks that require traffic signing for security reasons, and provides two configuration modes for the WFS Acceleration service: Basic or Advanced. The Basic configuration mode provides basic WFS Acceleration configuration options for a quick and easy deployment of the WFS Acceleration feature. The Advanced configuration mode provides detailed WFS Acceleration configuration options for the domain details and file shares.

WAN Acceleration > Web Cache

The WAN Acceleration > Web Cache page provides options to configure and monitor the Web Cache service.

The Web Cache feature stores copies of Web pages passing through the network that are frequently and recently requested. So when a user requests one of these Web pages, it is retrieved from the local Web cache instead of the Internet, saving bandwidth and response time. Minimal, Moderate, and Aggressive caching strategies are available, these determine which objects are placed into the Web cache and how long they stay there.

WAN Acceleration > System

The WAN Acceleration > System page provides options to monitor and configure the System Status, Interface Status, Management, Settings, and Firmware tabs.

WAN Acceleration > Log

The WAN Acceleration > Log page displays a detailed list of the SonicWALL WXA series appliance’s log event messages.