Secure Mobile Access 8200v Getting Started Guide

Registering and Licensing the SMA 8200v

All SMA 8200vs must be registered before use.


Creating a MySonicWall Account

A MySonicWall account is required for product registration.

NOTE: When you purchase the SMA 8200v license, your Sales Engineer usually assists with account creation and places the SMA 8200v license file in your list of products on MySonicWall.

If you already have an account, continue to Registering the SMA 8200v .

NOTE: Note: MySonicWall registration information is not sold or shared with any other company.
To create a MySonicWall account:
In your Web browser, go to https://www.mysonicwall.com.
On the user login page, click the Register Now link.
Enter your account information, personal information, and preferences, and then click Submit. Be sure to use a valid email address.
Follow the prompts to finish creating your account. A subscription code is sent to the email address you entered in Step 3.
When you return to the login screen, log in with your new username and password.
If applicable, enter the subscription code you received by email.

You have now created and logged into your MySonicWall account. Your next step is to retrieve the SMA 8200v license file.

Retrieving Your SMA 8200v License

Your SMA 8200v license file can be downloaded from MySonicWall. The license file provides the serial number and the authentication code for your SMA 8200v, which you need in order to register it on MySonicWall.

Alternatively, you can retrieve an initial user license from MySonicWall that is valid for one user (the administrator plus one end user) for an unlimited number of days. To become familiar with the Appliance Management Console (AMC) and test it in your environment with additional users, request a lab license.

To retrieve the license file for your appliance:
In your Web browser, go to https://www.mysonicwall.com/, log in with your username and password, and then click the link for the SMA 8200v that requires a license.
On the Service Management page, follow the link To get the latest applicable firmware/software, please click here.
Save the license file (.xml) to your computer. After you get your SMA 8200v up and running, you must import this license file using AMC.

Importing Your SMA 8200v License

After initial setup and testing, download your appliance license file from https://www.mysonicwall.com and then import it to the appliance. The SMA 8200v supports up to 250 concurrent users.

The process for importing an appliance license file is described in detail in the online help for the Appliance Management Console (AMC). Briefly, the steps are as follows:

Point your Web browser to the IP address (and a colon followed by the port, if any) of the SMA 8200v.
In the AMC login page:
Type admin in the Username field,
Enter the password you created with Setup Wizard.
Select Management Console in the Log in using field.
Click the Login button.
From the main navigation menu in AMC, click System Configuration > General Settings.
Click Edit in the Licensing area. The Manage Licenses page appears.
Click Import License.
In the License field, type the path for the license file you retrieved from your MySonicWall account, or click Browse to locate it.
Click Upload.
Apply the change by clicking the Pending changes link in the upper-right corner.

Registering the SMA 8200v

After downloading the SMA 8200v license file from MySonicWall and importing it to the SMA 8200v in AMC, you are ready to register the SMA 8200v

To register your appliance:
In AMC, navigate to the System Configuration > General Settings.
In the Licensing section note the serial number and authentication code for your SMA 8200v.
In your Web browser, go to https://www.mysonicwall.com and log in with your MySonicWall username and password.
On the MySonicWall Home page under Register A Product, type in the serial number of your SMA 8200v and then click Next.

Enter the authentication code and a friendly name for this appliance.
Click Register to continue and follow the online prompts to fill out the survey and complete the registration process.

License Manager

Due to licensing restrictions, the SMA 8200v must be able to make contact with the License Manager server (software.sonicwall.com) every 24 hours. All communication is encrypted with SSL and uses port 443.

The ability or inability to make contact affects the license in the following ways:

If the contact does not succeed in a 3.5 day period, a warning appears in AMC.
If the contact does not succeed in a 7 day period, the license reverts to 2 users (note that the full license is not deleted, but only becomes inactive).
If connectivity is restored at any point and the contact succeeds, the full license is reinstated.

If you make a change to your network and want to attempt contact again immediately, you must reboot the SMA 8200v. Navigate to the Maintenance page in AMC, and click Restart.