Secure Mobile Access 8200v Getting Started Guide

Before You Begin

This Getting Started Guide contains instructions for deploying the SonicWall™ SMA 8200v on your virtual infrastructure. The SMA 8200v is a virtual appliance that has nearly all the features and functionality of a SonicWall SMA or EX Series hardware appliance.

Features not supported on the SMA 8200v include:

NOTE: High Availability (HA) Pairs are no longer supported in SMA 12.0 or later.

The SMA 8200v provides the following benefits:

Cost savings:
No need to purchase and maintain hardware appliances, reducing hardware costs, power consumption, and maintenance costs.
Operational ease:
In a virtual environment, new virtual appliances can easily be commissioned and old ones can be easily decommissioned.
Installation files are imported into the virtual environment with no need to run an installer.
Obtain high availability of your VPN using your virtual infrastructure’s high availability features.
Easy reallocation of resources
Strong security with the same operating system as the SMA-1000 series hardware-based appliances.

For more information, refer to the SMA 12.0 Administration Guide. This and other documents are available at: https://www.sonicwall.com/en-us/support/technical-documentation.


Supported Platforms

The following hypervisor platforms are supported:



Supported Hypervisor Versions

SMA12.0 or Higher

ESXi 5.5 or higher

Microsoft Hyper-V Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2016

For VMware, you can use the following client applications to import the image and configure the virtual settings:

VMware vSphere – Provides infrastructure and application services in a graphical user interface for ESXi, included with ESXi.
VMware vCenter Server – Centrally manages multiple VMware ESXi environments.

Hardware Resource Requirements

The following hardware resources are required for the SMA 8200v appliance.



For ESXi

For Microsoft Hyper-V


8 GB

8 GB




Hard disk space

64 GB, thick provisioned


Files for Installation

SMA 8200v is available for download from MySonicWall. Different files are used depending on the type of installation.


Type of Installation

Installation File Name

For a fresh installation on VMware ESXi:


For a fresh installation in a Microsoft Hyper-V environment:


For an update for either platform:


IMPORTANT: Do not rename the installation or update files.

Upload the upgrade file to the System software updates area of the Maintenance page on the appliance management interface of your SMA 8200v deployment.

All service packs for patches and hot fixes are the same for the SMA 8200v as for SMA-1000 series appliances.