Secure Mobile Access 8.6 Web Application Firewall Feature Guide

Licensing Web Application Firewall

SonicWall SMA/SRA Web Application Firewall must be licensed before you can begin using it. You can access the MySonicWall web site directly from the SonicWall SMA/SRA management interface to obtain a license.

The Web Application Firewall > Licensing page in the SonicWall SMA management interface provides a link to the System > Licenses page, where you can connect to MySonicWall and purchase the license or start a free trial. You can view all system licenses on the System > Licenses page of the management interface.

To view license details and obtain a license on MySonicWall for Web Application Firewall:
Log in to your SonicWall SMA/SRA appliance and navigate to Web Application Firewall > Licensing.

If Web Application Firewall is not licensed, click the System > Licenses link. The System > Licenses page is displayed.

Under Manage Security Services Online, click the Activate, Upgrade, or Renew services link. The MySonicWall Login page is displayed.

Type your MySonicWall credentials into the fields, and then click Submit. The Manage Services Online table is displayed.

Click Try to start a 180 day free trial, or click Activate to subscribe to the service for 1 year. The screen below is displayed after selecting the free trial.

Click Synchronize to view the license on the System > Licenses page.

Web Application Firewall is now licensed on your SonicWall SMA/SRA appliance. Navigate to Web Application Firewall > Settings to enable it, and then restart your appliance to completely activate Web Application Firewall.