Mobile Connect 4.0 Windows 10 User Guide

Using the VPN Properties Window

The Mobile Connect VPN Properties window allows you to edit or change settings specific to VPN Properties. Navigate to the Network Connections > VPN Properties page. See the following sections for more information:

General Tab

The VPN Properties > General tab allows you to edit the Hostname or IP address of destination. Note that you can enter an IPv4 or IPv6 address.

You can also enable First Connect, which allows Windows to first connect to a public network before attempting to establish the VPN connection. If you wish to enable First Connect, select the Dial another connection first check box, then specify the connection in the field below.

Options Tab

The VPN Properties > Options tab allows you to select the Remember my credentials check box for ease of logging in to the VPN connection. You can specify the Idle time before hanging up from the drop-down list. Click the PPP Settings button to configure settings for PPP.

Security Tab

The VPN Properties > Security tab allows you to configure the following:

Type of VPN—Select the type of VPN connection from the drop-down list. For more options, click the Advanced Settings button.
Data Encryption—Select the type of data encryption from the drop-down list.
Use Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP)—Select this option if you wish to use EAP. For more information, click the Properties button.
To use any of the listed authentication protocols, select the Allow these protocols option, then select the checkbox(es) of the available choices.

Networking Tab

The VPN Properties > Networking tab allows you to edit the settings for the different connections to the VPN.

Sharing Tab

The VPN Properties > Sharing tab allows you to configure Internet Connection Sharing options. For more information, click the Settings button.