Mobile Connect 4.0 OS X User Guide

Monitoring, Logs, and Troubleshooting

This section discusses the Mobile Connect Monitor screen, Help options including logging, and provides troubleshooting tips.


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Monitoring Mobile Connect

The Monitor screen displays additional details about the connection, statistics on traffic transmitted, DNS information, and routes that have been installed.

The compression ratio is shown when connected to a SonicWall SMA 100 Series / SRA appliance running SMA/SRA 7.5 or higher with compression enabled. Traffic over the VPN tunnel is compressed using the LZ4 algorithm.

Monitor screen

The About screen of Mobile Connect displays the version number and legal text.

About screen

Using Mobile Connect Help and Log Options

The Help menu provides support information that includes a User Guide and log handling options.

The Help menu provides the following support information:

User Guide - Displays the SonicWall Mobile Connect User Guide in the default web browser application (for example, Safari).
Email Logs - Creates an email to send the Mobile Connect log files to SonicWall Support staff. The email is opened in the default mail application (for example, Mail).
Export Logs - Opens a Finder window to a temporary folder containing a copy of the Mobile Connect log files.
Clear Logs - Deletes all log files that have been saved on the device.
NOTE: The Mobile Connect Preferences screen provides the Debug Logging option for turning on full debug log messages of Mobile Connect activity. For more information, see Preferences Overview.

Troubleshooting Mobile Connect

This section describes some troubleshooting you can try if you are unable to connect to the SonicWall server.

If you are unable to connect to the SonicWall server, perform the following steps to troubleshoot the connection:
Double check that you have entered the server name properly in the connection configuration.
Go to the Safari browser on your Mac and attempt to navigate to the SMA 100 Series / SRA appliance web portal.
If you are unable to load the web portal, the problem is with the SonicWall appliance. Contact your network administrator if the problem persists.
If the web portal loads successfully on the browser and you still cannot establish a Mobile Connect connection, notify SonicWall Support, as follows:
Under Preferences, enable the Debug Logging option.
Attempt a connection to the server again to ensure that full debugging messages are logged for the attempt.
Then, under the Help menu, tap Email Logs. An email will launch in your mail client with the Mobile Connect log attached. Address the email to Support@sonicwall.com. Add any additional comments to the email and tap Send. SonicWall Support staff will contact you after reviewing your case.