Mobile Connect 4.0 Chrome OS User Guide

Monitoring Mobile Connect

You can monitor Mobile Connect status, operations, and general information on the Monitor and About tabs.

The Monitor tab displays additional details about the connection, statistics on traffic transmitted, DNS information, and routes that have been installed.

The About tab of Mobile Connect displays the version number and legal text.

SonicWall Support

Technical support is available to customers who have purchased SonicWall products with a valid maintenance contract and to customers who have trial versions.

The Support Portal provides self-help tools you can use to solve problems quickly and independently, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To access the Support Portal, go to https://support.sonicwall.com.

The Support Portal provides self-help tools you can use to solve problems quickly and independently, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition, the Support Portal provides direct access to product support engineers through an online Service Request system.

The Support Portal enables you to:

View knowledge base articles and technical documentation
Download software
View video tutorials
Collaborate with peers and experts in user forums
Get licensing assistance
Access MySonicWall
Learn about SonicWall professional services
Register for training and certification

To contact SonicWall Support, refer to https://support.sonicwall.com/contact-support.

To view the SonicWall End User Product Agreement (EUPA), see https://www.sonicwall.com/legal/eupa.aspx. Select the language based on your geographic location to see the EUPA that applies to your region.


Troubleshooting Mobile Connect

If you are unable to connect to the SonicWall server, complete the following steps to troubleshoot the connection.

Double-check that you have entered the server name properly in the connection configuration.
Go to the Chrome browser on your Chromebook and attempt to navigate to the SMA appliance web portal.
If you are unable to load the web portal, the problem is with the SonicWall appliance. Contact your network administrator if the problem persists.
If the web portal loads successfully on the Chrome browser and you still cannot establish a Mobile Connect connection, notify SonicWall Support, as follows:
Under Settings, enable the Debug Logging option.
Attempt a connection to the server again to ensure that full debugging messages are logged for the attempt.
Then, under the Help menu, click Email Logs. An email will open in your mail client. Be sure to manually attach the Mobile Connect log files to the email if they are not attached automatically. Address the email to Support@sonicwall.com. Add any additional comments to the email and click Send. SonicWall Support staff will contact you after reviewing your case.
Monitoring and Troubleshooting