Mobile Connect 4.0 Android User Guide

New Features in Mobile Connect 4.0

This section describes the enhancements included in the Mobile Connect 4.0 release.

Material Design - Mobile Connect has been redesigned according to Android's material design guidelines, Google's comprehensive guide for visual, motion, and interactive design across platforms and devices that was broadly introduced in Android 5.0.
Fingerprint Authentication - Android 6.0+ devices equipped with fingerprint scanners can use fingerprint authentication as a seamless alternative to username and password authentication if allowed by the VPN server. Requires a compatible server with configured Fingerprint Authentication policy.

Logging in with fingerprint authentication

Files Enhancements - Files Bookmarks now support FTP and SFTP file server Bookmarks in addition to CIFS file Bookmarks.
HTML5 Bookmarks Enhancements - Support for in-app access with single sign-on for HTML5 Bookmarks including RDP, VNC and SSH.

The following third party apps are now supported:

Dell vWorkspace

HTML5 Bookmarks are displayed natively within Mobile Connect and provide a seamless and more secure user experience, including support for single sign-on.

HTML5 bookmarks

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Supported Platforms

The following sections describe the supported platforms and network information for Mobile Connect:

Android Product Support

SonicWall Mobile Connect requires the Android 4.1 or newer platform and a cellular or Wi-Fi connection.

SonicWall Mobile Connect has been verified to run on the following Android devices running the official Android 4.1 or newer platform:

Dell Venue 7
Samsung Nexus 10
Dell Venue 8
Samsung Galaxy S2
Huawei Nexus 6P
Samsung Galaxy S3
ASUS Nexus 7
Samsung Galaxy S4
ASUS FonePad
Samsung Galaxy S5
LG Nexus 4
Samsung Galaxy Tab
LG Nexus 5
Amazon Kindle Fire HDX
Motorola Droid Razr Tablet


NOTE: Although Mobile Connect is designed to work with all Android devices running the 4.1 or newer platform, only the above platforms have been tested and verified to run Mobile Connect. Testing was performed on various Android versions, including the most recent version 6.0.1. Custom ROMs are not officially supported.

SonicWall Appliance Support

SonicWall Mobile Connect is a free app, but minimally requires a concurrent user license on one of the following SonicWall solutions. However, in order to use the new Mobile Connect features properly, the newer versions of these OS types are required.

SonicWall firewall appliances including the TZ, NSA, E-Class NSA, and SuperMassive™ 9000 Series running SonicOS or higher
SonicWall Secure Mobile Access 100 Series / SRA appliances running 7.5 or higher
SonicWall Secure Mobile Access 1000 Series / E-Class SRA appliances running 10.7 or higher.

To support Per App VPN, the appliance must be running SonicWall Secure Mobile Access (SMA) 11.0 or higher.

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Required Network Information

To use Mobile Connect, the following information is needed from your network administrator or IT Support:

Server name or address – This is either the IP address or URL of the SSL VPN server to which you are connecting. The SSL VPN server can be any supported SonicWall appliance. See SonicWall Appliance Support.
Username and password – Typically, you are required to enter your username and password, although some connections might not require this.
Domain name – The domain name of the SSL VPN server. Mobile Connect might be able to automatically determine this when it first contacts the server, or there could be multiple domains that can be selected.

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Introduction to Mobile Connect

SonicWall™ Mobile Connect for Android is an app that enables Android devices to establish secure, mobile connections to private networks protected by SonicWall security appliances.


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How Mobile Connect Works

Modern business practices increasingly require that users be able to access any network resource (files, internal websites, etc.), anytime, anywhere. At the same time, ensuring the security of these resources is a constant struggle. While most users are aware that they must take care to protect computers from network security risks, this security awareness does not always extend to mobile devices. And yet, mobile devices are increasingly subject to security attacks. Furthermore, mobile devices often use insecure, untrusted, public Wi-Fi hotspots to connect to the Internet. It is therefore a challenge to provide secure, mobile access while still guarding against the inherent security risks of using mobile devices.

The SonicWall Mobile Connect for Android app provides secure, mobile access to sensitive network resources. Mobile Connect establishes a Secure Socket Layer Virtual Private Network (SSL VPN) connection to private networks that are protected by SonicWall security appliances. All traffic to and from the private network is securely transmitted over the SSL VPN tunnel.

To get started with SonicWall Mobile Connect:
Install SonicWall Mobile Connect from the Google Play Store or the Amazon Appstore.
Enter connection information (server name, username, password, etc.).
Initiate a connection to the network.
Mobile Connect establishes a SSL VPN tunnel to the SonicWall security appliance.

You can now access resources on the private network. All traffic to and from the private network is securely transmitted over the SSL VPN tunnel.