Global VPN Client 4.10 Admin Guide

Configuring SonicWall Appliances for Global VPN Clients

About GroupVPN Policies

The SonicOS GroupVPN policy provides the automatic provisioning of SonicWall Global VPN Client from the SonicWall security appliance. The GroupVPN policy is only available for SonicWall Global VPN Clients. SonicOS GroupVPN supports two IPsec keying modes:

IKE using shared secret
IKE using 3rd Party Certificates

Once you create the GroupVPN policy, you configure GroupVPN to automatically provision SonicWall Global VPN Clients by downloading the policy, or exporting the policy file for manual installation in the SonicWall Global VPN Client.

NOTE: For information on configuring GroupVPN on the SonicWall appliance to support SonicWall Global VPN Client, refer to the SonicOS Administration Guide. All SonicWall product documentation is available from the Support page at:


Global VPN Client Licenses

Global VPN Client Licensing is based on the number of simultaneous Global VPN Client connections to a SonicWall appliance. If the number of simultaneous Global VPN Client connections is exceeded, SonicOS does not allow any additional Global VPN Client connections. Once the number of simultaneous Global VPN Client drops below the license limit, new Global VPN connections can be established.

Group VPN Connections Supported by Platform

Each SonicWall appliance model supports a different number of Global VPN Client licenses. You can purchase Global VPN Client software and Global VPN Client Licenses from your reseller or online at mysonicwall.com.

Activating Your Global VPN Client

To activate and download your SonicWall Global VPN Client software, you must have a valid MySonicWall account and your SonicWall appliance must be registered to your account. If you do not have a MySonicWall account, or if you have not registered your appliance to your account, create an account and then follow the registration instructions at http://www.mysonicwall.com.

To activate your Global VPN Client license:
Log in to your MySonicWall account.
Select the registered SonicWall network security appliance.
Select Global VPN Client from the Applicable Services menu.
Select Activate.
Type in your activation key in the Activation Key field.
Click Submit.

Upon successful activation, a confirmation message is displayed.

TIP: For future reference, record the Serial Number of the SonicWall appliance. Your license activation is now complete.

Downloading Global VPN Client Software and Documentation

In a web browser, log into your MySonicWall account.
In the My Products page, click the name of your SonicWall appliance on which the Global VPN Client license is activated.
Select Software Download. If this service is not already activated, click on Agree to activate it.
Download the SonicWall Global VPN Client software and documentation.