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Welcome to the SonicWall Email Security User Guide. This document provides instructions for basic configuration for users of the SonicWall Email Security product, including Email Security appliances, the Email Security Virtual Appliance, and Email Security Software.

The document contents include:

This chapter, This Guide, provides a general document overview and describes the conventions used within this guide.
Chapter 2, Junk Box Management, describes how to review and process email messages that have been flagged as spam, virus-infected, organization policy violations, or phishing.
Chapter 3, Anti-Spam, provides an overview and configuration information specific to the Anti-Spam feature.
Chapter 4, Settings, allows you to add delegates to your Junk Box
Chapter 5, Policy, describes how to create filters in which you specify the action you want Email Security to take on messages that meet the conditions you define.
Chapter 6, Reports & Monitoring,provides information on how to view system status and another other Email Security data through the Reports & Monitoring option on the user interface.
Chapter 7, Downloads, reviews the tools available for you to download to enhance your spam-blocking capabilities.
Chapter 8, SonicWall Support, describes how to request support from SonicWall and what options are available.

Go to https://support.sonicwall.com/technical-documents for the latest version of this guide as well as other SonicWall products and services documentation.

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