Content Filtering Client 3.1 Getting Started Guide

Content Filtering Client Prerequisites

Prior to configuring and deploying the SonicWall Content Filtering Client, several activities need to be completed to receive the benefits of SonicWall security services, firmware updates, and technical support:

Create or validate your MySonicWall account.
Verify the network security appliance is registered.
License or activate the Content Filtering Client software.

This chapter reviews these activities and provides guidance for ensuring their completion.



SonicWall requires a MySonicWall account prior to configuring your network security appliance and security services. MySonicWall is used to register your SonicWall appliance and to activate or purchase licenses for security services, support, or software specific to your security solution. If you haven’t already done so, create a MySonicWall account; otherwise, you can skip to Network Security Appliance Registration.

To create a new MySonicWall account from any computer:
Navigate to https://www.mysonicwall.com.
In the login screen, click the Register Now link.

Complete the Registration form. The fields with an asterisk (*) are required.
Click on Register.
Verify that the information is correct, and then click Submit.
To confirm your account was created, click Continue.

Network Security Appliance Registration

The network security appliance that is part of the SonicWall Content Filtering Client solution needs to be registered before you can configure and implement any security services. Registering your appliance can be done in different ways, but SonicWall recommends registering your appliance through the SonicOS Management Interface.

To verify registration of your SonicWall appliance:
Log into the network security appliance.
Select System > Status.
If the appliance is not registered yet, a message displays at the top of the screen stating that your SonicWall appliance is not registered. You can click on the Register link. Refer to the Getting Started Guide for your particular network security appliance for detailed information on how to register your device.
If the appliance is registered, you see system information similar to the following:

NOTE: You can also validate the license status for SonicWall Content Filtering Client on the System > Status window (see above). Look in the Security Services section to see if SonicWall Content Filtering Client is either Licensed or Not Licensed.


SonicWall Content Filtering Client can be licensed as a security service associated with a SonicWall network security appliance or as a standalone service without an associated appliance.


Licensing Content Filtering Client with a Network Security Appliance

To license SonicWall Content Filtering Client with a network security appliance:
Log into your network security appliance as an admin.
Navigate to the System > Licenses page.
Under Manage Security Services Online, select click here in the line To Activate, Upgrade, or Renew services.

Enter your MySonicWall account credentials to log into MySonicWall.

Find Content Filtering Client in the Managed Services Online list and check the options under Manage Service:

Manage Service Options


Try or Activate

If Content Filtering Client is already licensed, these options do not show. If Content Filtering Client is not licensed, select Try or Activate. Try enables a 30-day free trial. Activate enables the Content Filtering Client service if you have the key.


You have additional licenses that you want to associate with Content Filtering Client; select Upgrade and provide the activation keys when requested.


You can renew your Content Filtering Client licenses before they expire by selecting this option.

Depending on your choice in Step 5, type or paste the activation key into the license key field and click Submit.

Licensing Content Filtering Client without a Network Security Appliance

To license SonicWall Content Filtering Client without an associated network security appliance:
Log into MySonicWall.
Select the link in the Free Trial Software section.
Go to the Anti-Virus/SonicWall Content Filtering Client section and type a descriptive name for Content Filtering Client in the Friendly Name field.

Click Try Now.
In the Manage Client Distribution Group Services page, scroll down to the Applicable Services section.
In the row for Content Filtering Client, click one of the following buttons in the Action column:
To buy the service, click on the shopping cart icon.
To get a free 30-day trial, click on the try icon.
To activate the service, click on the key icon. To use this option, you should already have a license key from a previous purchase of the service.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the purchase or activation.