Cloud GMS Quick Start Guide

SonicWall Cloud GMS Overview

SonicWall™ Cloud GMS is a web-based management and reporting application that provides centralized management and high performance reporting for the SonicWall family of firewalls. With the introduction of a cloud-based solution, you can now focus on your core business and not worry about additional installation and maintenance of the software.

This Quick Start Guide helps to rapidly deploy one or more firewalls and to quickly configure the necessary policies, schedule firmware upgrades for execution during maintenance windows, and monitor the capacity and activity of the firewalls while using industry standard encrypted IPFix-based logs with highly pleasing reports. In addition to the reporting, the real-time reports can also be used to view the active traffic passing instantaneously through the firewall.

This document covers the basic functionality on how to:

How to log in to Cloud GMS and Add Unit for Management and Reporting
Introduction to Policy Management
Introduction to Reporting

Refer to the steps that follow and the Cloud GMS Online Help for detailed steps and in-depth descriptions on the features of the product.


Supported Firewalls

Cloud GMS is designed for the current generation of SonicWall firewalls (SonicOS 6).

TZ300 through TZ600
NSA 2600 through NSA 6600 with an active CGSS or AGSS subscription.