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SonicWall University is a sophisticated online training platform designed to provide up-to-date training and certification courses. Access SonicWall University to view the e-learning certification modules, authorized training partner schedules and certification exams. SecureFirst Partners should access SonicWall University via the SecureFirst Partner Portal.


Training and Certification

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SonicWall offers an extensive training curriculum path for security experts seeking to enhance their knowledge and maximize their investment in SonicWall Network Security Products. Select from the options below to access details on SonicWall Training and Certification options and Authorized Training Partners.

Technical Certifications Authorized Training Partners
Announcing the new SonicWall Network Security Administrator (SNSA) course.  This course replaces the Network Security Basic Administration course (NSBA) and the subsequent CSSA certification for that course.  We will continue to acknowledge the CSSA certifications over the course of the next two years and encourage you to enroll in the new SNSA course when or before your CSSA expires.  Read the NSBA and CSSA Certification Retirement FAQ

SonicWall Network Security Administrator (SNSA)

Certified SonicWall Security Administrator

Recommended for networking professionals responsible for the daily operation of one or more security appliances.

SNSA Technical Guide


Certified SonicWall Security Professional (CSSP)

Certified SonicWall Security Professional

Comprised of more advanced courses, recommended for individuals that deploy, optimize, and troubleshoot all associated product features.

CSSP Technical Guide

Authorized Training Partners


SonicWall maintains extensive partnerships worldwide with carefully selected training organizations to deliver high quality up-to-date training to our valued customers. SonicWall Authorized Training Partners (ATP) have an established practice in delivering effective training as well as a deep understanding of networking, security and SonicWall security solutions. Additionally, ATPs have completed rigorous SonicWall training requirements designed to ensure students exit their training with the skills and knowledge needed to maximize their investment in SonicWall security solutions. For information about becoming an Authorized Training Partner, please contact ATP_Feedback@sonicwall.com.

Authorized Training Partners