SonicWall Services

When designing a new or upgrading an existing network, the SonicWall Services team can be the difference to having a great Security solution rather than a good Security Solution. SonicWall Services include:
  • Planning
    Assessment services
    • Technical expertise and methodologies to assess the operations and vulnerability of your network today.
    • Understanding what is needed for you to be secure.
    • Our assessments will include recommendations of potential improvements and architectural enhancements.

    Project management
    • Our project managers have years of experience working with network security and our methodologies are based on Project Management Institute best practices.
    • Network design: Our Solutions Architects are available to help you with your most challenging tasks when it comes to Security integration/migration projects.
    • Technology migration: SonicWall Services team are there to make sure your business has the right security practices in place to minimize any potential threat, but not hinder network performance.
  • SonicWall Security Health Check

    SonicWall Security Health Check provides a customer with a comprehensive review of their SonicWall network security posture delivered by an Authorized SonicWall Partner. The customer will receive a Health Check Report that will include findings and any recommended actions to be taken. This may include SonicWall specific configuration optimizations that can evolve in follow-up remediation projects, but also more general and network specific optimization suggestions that may act as ground for follow-up network optimization projects such as network migration from one topology to a more efficient one.

    Read the SonicWall Security Health Check Brochure

  • Design and Build
    Designing your Security environment for scalability and ever increasing threats is a critical step. SonicWall Solutions Architects can assist and advise in build-out and design, as well as the augmentation or migration of an existing Security Infrastructure.

    Implementation/Migration Support

    SonicWall Services expertise to help you successfully deploy and manage complex network Security solutions. To be successful you need to understand how secure your network actually is; our team of professionals will show you how to manage and maintain your security environment.

    Implementation/Migration services

    From basic remote installation support to complex projects, the SonicWall Services team can meet your implementation needs. Our team of experts can assist you in:
    • Design review
    • Staging
    • Implementation
    • Migration
  • Technical training

    We deliver a modular approach to technical training focused on practical, hands-on learning that’s relevant to supporting and securing your network security solution. SonicWall Educational Services team offer an array of options:

    • Traditional live classroom
    • Web-based training
    • Bespoke training to meet your organization's exact needs
  • Management and Optimization
    We offer network security review of your current security solution and security policy, permanent onsite resources to assist you with the challenges of having to do more with less time to do it. This could include quarterly optimization efforts, firmware reviews, reliability testing, etc.