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SonicWall Support Product Bulletin - SonicOS 6.2.5

We know that you need and expect continuous strengthening of your network perimeter. Now you can get more features and power with our latest generation of network security solutions. We’re pleased to announce availability of SonicOS 6.2.5 for SuperMassive, NSA and TZ products. This new operating system delivers both security enhancements and advanced networking features to meet your needs. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Dell X-Series Integrations – Every business has a switch. If you're using TZ300/400/500/600 with the new 6.2.5, you can see and control the switch the same way you control the existing TZ ports. With distributed networks, when you use GMS 8.1 Service Pack 1, you can centrally manage all the TZs and X Series switches. This reduces complexity and saves you money.
  • Increased DPI SSL connection count – Enables our NSA and SuperMassive products to scale to a greater number of encrypted sessions.
  • Enhancements to inspecting encrypted sessions – Here we’ve made three major improvements:
    1. A new GUI delivering more features and control with improved troubleshooting.
    2. The new GUI will make configuring inspection more powerful, including improved inclusion/exclusion capabilities, alternate name support, and Dynamic exclusions.
    3. You can now troubleshoot connections with a one-click exclude function.
  • Support for strong encryption – We now support TLS 1.2 and SHA 256. These encryption tools are used with sensitive communication. This is especially valuable for retail where PCI requirements require enhanced encryption.
  • Flexible IPS deployment – VLAN translation feature enables the user to deploy an IPS on an aggregation or distribution switch and selectively inspect traffic based on the switch configuration. This feature translates traffic between different VLANs or between VLAN and non-VLAN interfaces.
  • UC APL certification – We continue to meet stringent federal requirements, especially when operating in a Department of Defense environment. The US Government has approved both NSA and SuperMassive, which are now on the authorized product list. Many of the security improvements, such as audit logging ad IPv6 monitoring support, are applicable to any business or organization.

The SonicOS 6.2.5 brings together the SM 9600, 9400, 9200 and NSA 6600, 5600, 4600, 3600, 2600 and TZ600, 500, 400, 300 and SOHO wireless branches into a single, unified operating platform. Please note that SonicOS 6.2.5 is not applicable to the SM 10k series or on the SOHO wired version that operates on SonicOS 5.9.1. This new OS is now available for download on MySonicWALL.com to all customers with valid support contracts.

The updated administration guide and release notes are also available on MySonicWALL.com.

And be sure to check out the product support pages for TZ Series, SuperMassive 9000 Series, NSA Series and GMS to find solution articles, tips and tricks, tutorials, technical documentation, alerts and notifications, life-cycle tables, training, and visit our Dell Security Community.

The Dell SonicWALL Product Management Team