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SonicWall Email Security Release 8.2 adds Cyren AV and at-a-glance management dashboard

Dell Security is pleased to announce a new software release for the Email Security product line, release 8.2. New with this release, the solution adds an additional anti-virus engine and a management dashboard to increase security effectiveness and admin efficiency.

  • Cyren Anti-Virus engine.

Multi-layer anti-virus is key to blocking email threats. Dell Email Security solutions combine Dell GRID AV, Time Zero AV, McAfee AV, Kaspersky AV and now add Cyren AV for best-in-class threat protection and effectiveness.

  • Customizable management dashboard and new report formats.

Release 8.2 includes an at-a-glance management dashboard, with drag and drop customization to simplify email security monitoring and increase admin efficiency. Also, reports are now available in PDF and JPEG formats. 

Note: Cyren Anti-virus protection is only available for of the Total Secure Subscription