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Professional Services delivered by SonicWall Services Partners

Optimize your investment in SonicWall products with professional services delivered by SonicWall Advanced Services Partners that are trained to provide world class professional services for SonicWall customers. From planning to implementing and optimizing your SonicWall configuration, SonicWall Advanced Services Partners will provide you with peace of mind in knowing that your network and security architecture is providing the most effective protection against today’s evolving cyber threats.



SonicWall offers a range of services delivered by Advanced Services Partners to help you assess your security needs and develop a plan for the most effective security provisions for your environment.

Assessment services: Leverage SonicWall Advanced Services Partner security expertise to assess the operations and vulnerability of your network and help you understand what your organization needs to be secure.

Project management: Work with highly trained project managers that have years of experience in network security to ensure your project delivers network security piece of mind, on time and on budget.

Network design: SonicWall Advanced Partners team up with SonicWall Solutions Architects as needed to assist with your most challenging tasks when it comes to security integration or migration projects.

Technology migration: As your business scales and your security needs change, your SonicWall Advanced Services Partner is there to help you plan efficient and effective security migration projects.

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SonicWall Advanced Services Partners can assist and advise in build-out and design, as well as the augmentation or migration of an existing security infrastructure.

From basic remote installation support to complex migration projects, the SonicWall Services team can meet your implementation needs. Our team of experts can assist you in: design review, staging, implementation & migration.

Implementation Services
Remote or Onsite Implementation Services are available for purchase with any SonicWall product and are designed to ensure your SonicWall solution is installed correctly and optimized for your networks security requirements.

DPI-SSL Remote Implementation Service >
Remote Implementation Service - NSv Firewalls >
SonicWall Global Management System and Analyzer >
Firewall Appliances >
Email Security Appliances >
Secure Mobile Access 1000 Series
& Secure Remote Access EX Appliances >

Secure Mobile Access 100 Series
& Secure Remote Access 1600/4600 Appliances >

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Our robust network of Advanced Services Partners can offer a complete review of your current security infrastructure and policies and provide recommendations for optimal security provisions. Additionally, you may wish to leverage their trained staff to supplement your onsite resources and assist you with the challenges of having to do more with less time to do it. This could include quarterly optimization efforts, firmware reviews and reliability testing.

Security HealthCheck Service

This service offers a comprehensive review of your SonicWall network security posture. Findings from the Health Check Service will be shared via a detailed report that will include any recommended actions to be taken to address security gaps.
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Customized Training

Customized training can also be arranged to for your security staff to ensure they have a deep understanding of your SonicWall configuration and can derive the most value from your investment in SonicWall security solutions. Contact your Authorized Services Partner or SonicWall Sales Representative for additional details.

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