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How do I make a console cable for SonicWall firewall appliances?


The console port on the SonicWall appliance is used to access the SonicOS command line interface (CLI) via the DB-9 to RJ-45 cable.



The Pin assignments to make a console cable to work with SonicWall appliances is as follows:
RJ-45 to DB-9 Serial Cable Pin Assignments:

RJ-45 Connector DB-9 Connector Signal
Pin 1 Pin 9 RI (ring indicator)
Pin 2 Pin 1 DCD (data carry detect)
Pin 3 Pin 4 DTR (data terminal ready)
Pin 4 Pin 5 GND (ground)
Pin 5 Pin 2 RXD (receive data)
Pin 6 Pin 3 TXD (transmit data)
Pin 7 Pin 8 CTS (clear to send)
Pin 8 Pin 7 RTS (request to send)
  Pin 6 - Not used  




How to test:
Launch a terminal emulation application that communicates with the serial port connected to the appliance. Use these settings: 
• 115,200 baud 
• 8 data bits
• no parity
• 1 stop bit
• no flow control
Press Enter/Return. Initial information is displayed followed by a DEVICE NAME> prompt.