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This information comes from publicly available sources and does not use private company data. To simplify the user experience by minimizing the amount of data entry required, our forms use publicly available information to auto populate company contact information.

Most of your users’ web sessions are likely now encrypted with Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) encryption, or HTTPS. This is because there is a huge trend in the industry today that wants to move towards an all-encrypted Internet to achieve two key objectives:

  • Make it more difficult for cyber-criminals to eavesdrop on web connections
  • Keep personal information secure and private

As the good guys increase their use of encryption protocol, encryption has become a favorite threat vector for hackers to mask their attacks, evade defense systems and ultimately open backdoors directly into your network. After all, your security controls cannot stop what they cannot see. If left untreated, any attacks utilizing SSL/TLS will have a 100 percent success rate in compromising your network, leading to loss of classified data, IP and reputation.