Network Security Firewalls

Comprehensive threat prevention at multi-gigabit speeds

Next Generation Firewalls

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Get the network security, control and visibility your organization needs to innovate and grow faster with our broad range of award-winning next-generation network firewalls.

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SonicWave Series

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Enhance the wireless user experience by delivering the performance, range and reliability of 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless technology with the SonicWall SonicWave series. Benefit from performance features such as 4x4 MU-MIMO and a 2.5 GbE port to achieve multi-gigabit performance plus a suite of security features including a third radio dedicated to security.

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WAN Acceleration

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Eliminate performance bottlenecks from data and file sharing applications and give users LAN-like application performance over your WAN by optimizing the bandwidth you already have.

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Management and Reporting

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Complement and extend SonicWall security products and services, and help your organization optimize security, manage growth and ease administrative burdens.

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Security Services

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Protect your organization from advanced security threats, gain greater security control, enhance productivity and lower costs with SonicWall network security services and add-ons to our firewall hardware.

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