Testimonial: Spencomp Solutions

“The new SonicWave access points blew me away.”
– Dominic Valois, security specialist, Spencomp Solutions

Montreal-based technology services provider Spencomp Solutions is impressed with SonicWall’s innovative new line of SonicWave 802.11ac Wave 2 Series access points.

“The new SonicWave access points blew me away,” says security specialist Dominic Valois. “They are very high quality, the feature set is very rich, and they deliver on speed as well. Compared with other brands, the ruggedness of the outdoor units is amazing, and the indoor units are solid and well-designed. The new SonicWave line presents us with a great offering for our customers. With Wave 2 support and 2.5 Gb ports, we can provide larger business sites and campuses with better streaming and bandwidth for hundreds of wireless devices.”

In addition, Valois sees great value for both Spencomp and their customers with the new SonicWall NSA 2650 next-generation firewall.

“One of our customers’ biggest challenges is ransomware, which is often sent around the Internet using encryption. The NSA 2650, with high speed TLS/SSL inspection, and the SonicWall Capture service, give them a whole lot more security from their firewall. Plus the latest firmware and increase in DPI-SSL connections greatly improves performance. And the new firewall UI is very nicely done. It’s easier to use and easy to switch between monitoring, configuration and reporting interfaces, which speeds configuration. It’s a win-win for both us and our customers”

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