Testimonial: Mary Immaculate College

Mary Immaculate College

“The NSA 2650 is an absolutely superb product. In my opinion, the speed and level of security is unparalleled. – Dr. Michael Breen, Dean of Arts, Mary Immaculate College

Dr. Michael Breen is Dean of Arts at Mary Immaculate College, and an active researcher. Mary Immaculate College is a leading liberal arts college in Limerick, Ireland, with more than 3,600 undergraduate and postgraduate students.

"Protecting sensitive information and preventing security breaches is paramount,” says Dr. Michael Breen, “Our college network contains highly private student information, we must conform to EU GDPR protocols and data protection is paramount.”

Dr. Breen is also actively engaged in a number of European networks, which often involves the exchange of highly sensitive information. “In my research site, I often see more than a thousand suspect probes at our gateway every week, primarily  from Eastern Europe. We need to lock down access to only authorized users. We’re also concerned with threats hidden in an increasingly high proportion of encrypted traffic."

To address these concerns, Dr. Breen relies upon SonicWall next-generation solutions at his research site.

"The new NSA 2650  is an absolutely superb product. In my opinion, the speed and level of security is unparalleled in its class. It gives us the throughput to conduct deep packet inspection of encrypted traffic, without costing us any loss of performance."

Dr. Breen is also impressed with the security and performance of the new SonicWave outdoor access points. “The new SonicWave access points give us throughput that matches our wired network. Whether someone is on a handheld device or directly wired to the network, the service is indistinguishable. Signal reception is consistently strong over a one-and-a-half-acre site.”

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