Testimonial: ComLogic

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“SonicWall offers more protection, and control over that protection, than any competitor in their price range.” – Greg Thomas, Owner, ComLogic

ComLogic, a Denver-based networking and security consulting firm, relies on SonicWall to provide cutting-edge protection for its customers.

“The great majority of web traffic is encrypted,” says owner Greg Thomas. “Yet only a small percentage of organizations have been decrypting interrogating encrypted traffic. The added value of SonicWall’s Deep Packet Inspection of TLS/SSL traffic to detect and prevent hidden threats cannot be overstated. Plus, the number of devices and encrypted connections on the network is skyrocketing. Anytime a user connects a phone, all of those apps are hungry to refresh. The NSA 2650 offers greater DPI-SSL connections, which gives our customers affordable scalability to meet these increased demands."

"ComLogic’s customers are expanding their wireless networks, requiring greater performance and extended security."

“The 2.5 GbE ports on both the NSA 2650 and SonicWave access points can handle the increasing congestion. And you can easily position the SonicWave access points for best cellular reception, either for failover or percentage of use."

Thomas is very impressed with the latest generation of SonicWall security solutions.

“SonicWall engineering has always been very good, but the new SonicOS 6.5 is a giant step forward. SonicWall is clearly visionary, not just in protection, but in reporting and usability as well. The new UI is fresh, relevant, and easy to use. The access point dashboard demonstrates SonicWall’s advantage in wireless security, and the capability to import floorplans and topology raises the bar for wireless management. It eases wireless deployment and helps us and our customers be more productive. Also, as a partner, I appreciate how SonicWall University helps us optimize configurations with rich, cleanly presented and relevant content. In my experience, SonicWall offers more protection, and control over that protection, than any competitor in their price range."

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