Capture Security Center

    • Unified security governance, compliance and risk management security program
    • Improved efficiency and reduced cost via cloud administration and control
    • Automated workflows assure security compliance
    • Reduced risk provided by a fast response to security events
    • Precise security controls and policy decisions based on situation insights

    Capture Client

    • Advanced attack detection using behavioral monitoring
    • Highly accurate machine learning & multi-layered heuristic-based techniques
    • Unique roll-back capabilities (Capture Client Advanced only)
    • Endpoint security enforcement
    • DPI-SSL certificate management

    NSv Series

    • Automated breach prevention for public, private and hybrid cloud environments
    • Cross virtual-machine attack and side-channel attack defense
    • Common network-based intrusion, application and protocol protection
    • Elimination of unauthorized access to protected virtual data store
    • Prevention of service disruption of virtual ecosystem

    NSa Series

    • Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection (RTDMI) & Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection
    • Cloud-based and on-box threat prevention featuring multi-engine sandboxing, anti-malware, intrusion prevention, web filtering and more
    • High port density with 10-GbE and 2.5-GbE ports
    • Real-time TLS/SSL and SSH decryption and inspection
    • Built-in wireless controller

    Web Application Firewall

    • Web application threat management
    • Defense against OWASP top 10 web application security risks
    • High speed, highly reliable and secure web app delivery
    • Data leak prevention
    • Application delivery acceleration