Testimonial: Calistoga Joint Unified School District

Calistoga Joint Unified School District

“Security-as-a-Service provides more flexibility but it's also much more reasonable in terms of breaking out the costs, not having to pay a large upfront amount.”

Calistoga Joint Unified School District enhanced its content filtering, application control and network security with SonicWall’s Content Filtering Service (CFS). The district kept costs manageable, avoiding large upfront expenditures, by leveraging CFS via the SonicWall Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) offering through trusted, certified SonicWall partner Napa Valley Networks.

Located in California’s wine country, the K-12 district has 853 students and approximately 100 faculty and staff. Calistoga’s prior content-filtering solution did not meet district needs for the greater flexibility and granularity required to better protect students, staff, data and infrastructure.

Jenna Burrows, Calistoga’s Director of Business Services, says, “We had a lot of issues with flexibility with regard to security. When you have various levels of staff, teachers and administrators, and then you have students, you definitely don't want everybody having the same ability to access the same information, especially on the internet.”

The district was searching for a better solution that would fit within the financial constraints common to K-12 education. As is the case with many K-12 districts, Calistoga needed to keep the costs of an improved content-filtering solution manageable. They engaged SonicWall partner Napa Valley Networks, and leveraged SonicWall Security-as-a-Service to not only give them the content filtering and application control they were looking for, but also improve network functionality with a new SuperMassive firewall — all at a monthly cost they could handle.

The results have been more uptime, Burrows says, and the content filtering and application control promised by SonicWall and delivered by NVN via Security-as-a-Service.

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