Breach Prevention

Don't just detect breaches. Prevent them in real time.

Embrace innovation with the security to do it safely

Organizations today compete in an increasingly complicated and globally connected world. Cybertechnology serves as both an enabler and an inhibitor as they adapt to this rapidly changing environment. However, organizations and their security solutions are increasingly caught in the crosshairs of a growing global cybercriminal industry.

Providing more than just breach detection, SonicWall delivers proactive real-time breach prevention that protects organizations from cyberthreats including ransomware, IoT DDoS attacks and encrypted malware. Our next-generation cyberdefense platform is built on a cloud-based multi-engine sandbox that captures malware to not only identify, but also block, advanced threats.

As hackers utilize more sophisticated weapons to target global organizations of all sizes, it’s time to add new cyberdefenses to stay ahead in the cyber arms race. SonicWall’s breach prevention platform provides a real-time cyberdefense solution tuned to the specific needs of the business. More business. Less fear. Ransomware Encrypted Threats Email Threats

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