2018 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report


Number of Malware Attacks


Increase in Ransomware Variants


New Ransomware Samples Collected

Security Industry Advances


State of Ransomware

Did the number of ransomware attacks last year match or exceed the frenetic pace of the year before? Or did the cyber security industry mitigate data ransom paydays? SonicWall’s real-world analysis provides contrasting numbers that tell a compelling story.


The Encrypted Battleground

Encrypted traffic — using SSL/TLS encryption — has increased. This will mean more opportunity for threat actors to mask their attacks. But by a factor of how much?


New Attack Vectors

The standard network entry points are known. But new vectors — like memory-based attacks (e.g., Meltdown) and PDF threats — will emerge as critical arenas.

Cyber Criminal Advances

Malware Mixologists

While many innovative malware authors are no longer writing original exploits, plenty of criminals are mixing and matching code to form new “malware cocktail” strands — putting a strain on signature-only security controls.


Law Enforcement Lockdown

Governments and cyber police are cracking down. Review the key arrests made by global law enforcement and the affect they could have on future cyber attacks.


Cyber Security Best Practices

A strong security posture is constantly reinforced. Gain proven tips and policies to help bolster your cyber security strategy.


Modern Threat Intelligence, Cyber Security Analysis & Advanced Malware Trends from SonicWall Capture Labs

We are engaged in a cyber arms race, pitting the cyber security industry against those who seek to profit from cybercrime.

This is a challenge we face together.

And this is the core reason SonicWall is committed to passing its findings, intelligence, analysis and research to the global public via the 2018 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report.